Using object-based 3D audio in cruise ship entertainment

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Day / Time: 20.03.2019, 15:40-16:00
Room: Saal 7
Typ: Poster
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Abstract: In the competition for passengers, the cruise industry must offer exceptional entertainment experiences. The limited space of a cruise ship means that areas are used for different applications. The multi-functional room "Schaubühne" on the new TUI cruise liner "Mein Schiff 1" provides passengers with entertainment programmes ranging from boulevard theatre, comedy and magic shows to lectures, concerts and film screenings. Accordingly, an audio system must meet all these different requirements. The technology used - which is called SpatialSound Wave - offers various presets for extending the reverberation time by means of regenerative room simulation to optimally adjust the room acoustics. In addition, the technology also allows actors to move in space and amplify them in the correct direction through the use of audio objects. The system offers a flexible integration off different media gear to switch easily between the different use cases. The poster describes the technical implementation of an object-based audio system which can be used for 3D sound (re)production as well as for acoustic sound enhancement.