Analysis of Pinna-Related Features of HRTFs using 3D-Printed Ears

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Day / Time: 20.03.2019, 09:40-10:00
Room: Saal 8
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Abstract: The current advancements in 3D-scanning and additive manufacturing technologies allow for highly accurate acquisition and reproduction of 3D-shapes, including for instance human pinnae. These methods have been applied to investigate the effects of individual pinnae on head-related transfer functions (HRTFs) using classic measurement techniques.In a preliminary study, the outer ear shapes of 20 subjects have been digitized using an Artec Space Spider structured light scanner. They have been digitally adapted to be mounted in a dummy head including moulds to accurately position microphones in the ear canals to then be printed on a consumer grade 3D-printer. The ITA dummy head with replaceable ears moulds was chosen as a consistent head and torso geometry for the HRTF measurements. The measurements were carried out using the interleaved sweep method and a specialized measurement arc in the hemi-anechoic chamber at the Institute of Technical Acoustics in Aachen. Because all subjects’ ears were installed in the identical artificial head, a direct comparison of the pinna-related effects without the influence of variations of other subject specific body geometries was possible. The process and results of the analysis are discussed on the poster.