Investigations on the directivity of string instruments using a bowing machine

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Day / Time: 19.03.2019, 14:40-14:50
Room: Saal 7
Typ: Poster
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Abstract: String instruments exhibit a complex directivity which is not precisely referenced in the literature or often represented with a low spatial or frequency resolution.The goal of the bowing machine presented here is to provide a stable, realistic excitation for repeated captures of directivity measurements on string instruments.The instrument is excited by a bow mounted on a linear actuator which allows to obtain more reproducibility than measurements with real musicians and more precise results than by using other ways of excitation (rosin disc, shaker on the bridge, hammered or plucked stings...).By mounting the instrument together with the bowing machine on a 3D turntable we have studied the directivity of a violin in every direction with small angle steps.The setup has been used until now to study the directivity of a violin but could be adopted to study other string instruments.Vortrag bevorzugt, evtl. Beitrag in Session "Open Science" mit Live-Demonstration des Anregemechanismus