Measures to Address the Dissonance Perception of Multiple Tonal Components in Sounds

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Day / Time: 19.03.2019, 15:40-16:00
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Abstract: As tonal components let increase the annoyance of sounds significantly, characterizing them adequately is a major task in the process of analysis. Thereby especially multi-tone complexes raise new issues. As example, in a musical kind of view it is well known that different tone pitches sounding simultaneously can either cause a harmonious or inharmonious sound event depending on the spectral composition. By taking this into account, it seems quite possible that the perception of dissonance/consonance could have an influence on annoyance perception, too. In established analysis concepts the assessment of single tones by the metric tonality is already realized but it is found that no consideration is made of the sensations differently composed tone-complexes elicit. A hearing test was set up composed of different dyads and triads. Subjects had to rate sounds on their dissonance and annoyance perception. The purpose of this assessment was the evaluation of the subject´s understanding for dissonance and annoyance and the interdependence of both. In a following step dissonance and annoyance models of the literature were aligned to the test’s results regarding significant correlations.