Influence of different room acoustic conditions in a speech-in-noise test with circular moving masker, in young and older adult listeners

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Day / Time: 20.03.2019, 11:20-11:40
Room: Saal 1
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Abstract: In real-world listening situations, we often listen to speech in presence of masking noises inside rooms with different room acoustic conditions. Most everyday listening situations consist of multiple sound sources both stationary and moving, with multiple acoustic reflections that reach our ears at different time and intensity. In a speech-perception-in-noise task, acoustic reflections could be beneficial, increasing the speech signal energy reaching the listener, or detrimental, superimposing on the direct sound altering the waveform. Thus, this study aims to show the effect of different room acoustic conditions in a speech-perception task with a circular moving masker. A speech-in-noise test was performed with young and older-adults clinically normal-hearing, using binaural reproduction to create a headphone-based virtual acoustic environment. Listeners are asked to identify target digit-triplets, under the presence of a stationary or moving masker. The masker was presented at five different configurations: (1) stationary at 0°, (2) stationary at 20°, (3) stationary at 45°, (4) stationary at 70°, and (5) moving away from the target 90°. All masker configurations were assessed over three room acoustic conditions (anechoic, acoustically treated room and acoustically untreated room).