Analysis of the Directional Properties of the Energy Decay in a Reverberation Room

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Day / Time: 20.03.2019, 11:20-11:40
Room: Saal 1
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Abstract: A pre-requisite for the absorption coefficient estimation in accordance with ISO 354 is that the sound field in the used reverberation room is diffuse. A diffuse sound field is generally defined by the isotropy condition - requiring the sound field to be composed of infinitely many sound waves from uncorrelated sources with directions of arrival uniformly distributed over a sphere. A consequence of this requirement is a uniform energy distribution. Microphone arrays allow for the decomposition of the sound field - in it's steady state as well as during the decay process -- into a continuum of plane waves composing it. Based on simulated microphone array measurements, we present a study of the decaying sound field with respect to the angular uniformity of the energy distribution during the decay process.