Fundamental investigation of the applicability of acoustic emission and vibration analysis in Ultrasonic Metal welding processes

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Day / Time: 20.03.2019, 11:20-11:40
Room: Saal 5-b
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Abstract: Ultrasonic Metal welding (USMW) is particularly suitable for connecting electrotechnical components. Despite industrial spread, unexplained process fluctuations may occur in USMW. The aim of this research is the fundamental investigation of the applicability of acoustic emission analysis for process analysis in USMW: to derive measurable monitoring criteria for the application, to make the process more manageable, and in the future to open up new possibilities for online process control.For this purpose, experiments are conducted. The experiments consists of welding two thin metal plates with clean surfaces, and recording the vibrations of machine components and the airborne sound. The welding process happens at 20kHz. Two laser vibrometers record the vibrations of the anvil and sonotrode, which are directly connected to the parts to be welded, and a ¼’ microphone records the sound emitted during the process. The data is analysed, up to the fourth harmonic, to characterise the different parts of the welding process, and compared to the strength of the welds.