Implementation and Application of Acoustic Crosstalk Cancellation Systems

* Presenting author
Day / Time: 18.03.2019, 15:00-15:30
Room: Saal 2
Typ: Vorkolloquium
Abstract: Binaural signal playback over loudspeakers requires the integration ofwell-designed acoustic crosstalk cancellation filters for achievingsufficient channel separation. Static implementations might, however,entail considerably decreased sound field quality owing to mismatchedbinaural spatial playback transfer functions and distorted perceptualcues. As common countermeasure, although putting increased demands onfilter robustness, processing power and real-time convolutionefficiency, these transfer functions are selected based on thelistener¹s current real-world position and orientation, captured throughmotion tracking. Even when adapting the sweet spot, other shortcomingsof this reproduction technique are well known from the literatureincluding coloration, audible phase information, or dynamic rangeoverflow. On the plus side, acoustic crosstalk cancellation enablesplausible sound field synthesis in a wide frequency range based on asmall number of loudspeakers. Especially these properties make itsuitable for home entertainment and virtual reality environments inrestricted space while also facilitating applications in the scope ofauditory research and clinical practice with optional room acousticsimulations for increased validity. This talk will provide an overviewon different static and dynamic system implementations, discussadvantages and shortcomings including counterstrategies, as well assystem applications and extensions based on recent projects.